BATTLEGROUNDS features an ELO based ranking system.
Based on your match placement, and number of kills attained
in a match, we calculate your overall ranking.

Your ranking is available on in-game leaderboards,
where you can see how you rate against the entire
BATTLEGROUNDS player base.


We track all your character’s stats in BATTLEGROUNDS,
and these are available for you to view in-game.

From the number of kills to the total distance traveled per round,
you can see a detailed breakdown on your character’s statistics
with a single click!


BATTLEGROUNDS will feature both 2D and 3D match replays.
During Early Access, we will add the ability for you
to replay your match and analyze the play styles of other players.

Alongside our 2D replay system, we will also have
3D in-game replays. With the 3D replay system,
you will can record your match using a spectator camera system,
giving content creators a new way to capture your character’s matches.